Updating Bedroom Furniture With Rustic Drawer Pulls

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

Bedroom Furniture can feel like it is old and run down but after a few minor changes you can feel like it is as good as new again. Most Bedroom Furniture items have older metal or brass handles or drawer pulls that look like they came from the 90′, 80′ or even older than that. With just a quick update on the drawer knobs you can feel like you have brand new bedroom furniture again.

When replacing bedroom furniture knobs all you need to do is unscrew the back of the drawer knob from the inside of the drawer. This will loosen the drawer knob and allow you to take it off. You need to make note of if each drawer pull has only 1 or if it has 2 screws holding it on because you will need to find drawer pulls with the same number of screws to replace it. Once you replace all the old pulls it is good idea to use some furniture polish to freshen up the area where the old knobs where. If there are an scratches or scraps you may want to purchase a furniture polish or a touch up marker to remove any old scratches.

There are so many new and modern drawer pulls on the market so make sure to do some research and pick out drawer pulls that will match the furniture but provide a more modern look. Try searching your local hardware store to find some options however it might also be worth your while to do some reach online for drawer pulls. There are custom sites that sell drawer and door pull hardware and knobs.

If you would like more rustic looking bedroom furniture you may want to look for log handles or possibly look for some rustic drawer pulls like wildlife animals or pine cones. By adding a few rustic looking drawer pulls you can transform a traditional wood dresser or nightstand into a more rustic looking dresser or nightstand. This can be a very cost effect transition. So if you purchase a log bed but cannot afford to buy matching bedroom furniture try considering doing a makeover on your bedroom furniture to transform it into a more rustic look.

When putting on the new pulls be sure to tighten them all the way so they don’t wiggle off or come loose when you are opening a drawer in the future on this bedroom furniture.

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